Hi! I'm Susanne Dawursk. I started as a hobby baker and kitchen tinkerer as a teenager. While pursuing careers in concert touring production, artist management and then consumer marketing  at several major tech start ups, I was always baking and creating for friends, family and clients on the side.

  In 2016, as a mother of two young children, and full on into a marketing career,  I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Surprise!  I was very lucky to have amazing docs, family and friends, and after a two year battle, I emerged healthy again. I decided it was time to show my kids (and remind myself) the importance of following one's passion.

Since then, Cupcakes Are Love has operated in Chicago, and now in Deerfield/Highland Park area, as a licensed and insured catering service.  I bake in commercial kitchens and decorate in my studio, and happily deliver to you.

When I'm not baking, I'm spending time with my two kids, Mads and Caleb, my husband Mark, and our horses Benjamin and Tia - who all also, from time to time, get a few sweet treats of their own too.

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Simply email, text or Facebook message me.

PO Box 86 Deerfield, IL 60015-0086

773.220.8675 (text is best)

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