10 year old Welsh Cross LARGE pony. 14.1H


 We lovingly call her "Tia". She is a calm, cool, collected lady every moment of the day.  All she wants is a good face/ear rub and some treats for a job well done. She's the pony that says "hold my prosecco" and then shows the big warmbloods how to trailer like a lady, or to munch quietly in the pasture without fuss, stand for the farrier or focus intently in the warm up + show rings.  She doesn't let anything bother her - she raises her little hoof and says, "Ain't got time for that".


 Tia is a gentle babysitter when there's a beginner on her back, and will  pack the kiddos over the poles and cross rails. Her gaits are smooth, with lead changes and a rocking horse canter that is steady and adjustable.  She's a perfect short stirrup pony with a fantastic  lil jump - she keeps it nice and flat for the little ones popping over cross rails, but can turn it on up to 2'6" with a beautiful front end.   Tia wants me to tell you that she'd jump the sky for you, she loves it so -  but as her mom,  it's best for her to stay a little closer to the ground. 

  Tia is an easy keeper.   She's barefoot - trimmed every 5 weeks on the dot. She' stays fit on free choice hay and pasture grass, with just a handful of grain at night so she's not left out .  She can be turned out alone or with others. She is not a moody mare in any way shape or form. She is patient at the cross-ties, picks up her feet, loves a good grooming,  and doesn't much like all that rolling in the mud stuff. She's a lady.

She's truly the needle in a haystack unicorn pony I wish I had growing up, and it's killing me to let her go, but she deserves a great kid her own age as mine are growing too tall. 

$8500 OBO  to the right situation, not the "right now" situation

USEF (#5656398) lifetime included, has extensive local show experience. 

We are considering full purchase only at this time. 

No leases.  In-house trials welcomed.

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Susanne Dawursk (owner)


Ariel Univer  | Blue Feather Farm (trainer)

773.220.8675 (please text first)